6 Best WiFi Boosters For Gaming (2024 Review)

​In today’s digital age, gaming has become an increasingly popular hobby for people of all ages.

Whether you’re a casual gamer or an avid competitor, your gaming experience is greatly influenced by the strength and speed of your internet connection.

There’s nothing more frustrating than lagging or dropping out of a game right when you’re about to make your winning move. That’s where WiFi boosters come in.

These devices are designed to enhance your WiFi signal, ensuring a seamless gaming experience with minimal interruptions.

In this article, we will explore the best WiFi boosters for gaming in 2024, so you can take your gaming to the next level.

List of WiFi Boosters For Gaming in 2024

Product Amazon Customer’s Star Rating Price
TP-Link AC1900 4.5 out of 5 Amazon
Rockspace 3.8 out of 5 Amazon
NETGEAR EX7300 4.0 out of 5 Amazon
Linksys RE9000 4.2 out of 5 Amazon
NETGEAR EX8000 4.0 out of 5 Amazon
D-LINK DAP-1330 3.9 out of 5 Amazon

6 Best WiFi Boosters For Gaming – WiFi Extenders That Make a Difference In Your Gaming

1. TP-Link AC1900 – The Best Budget-Friendly Wi-Fi Router

TP-Link AC1900
TP-Link AC1900


  • Weight: 2.1 Pounds
  • Usage: Home, Gaming, Bussiness
  • Frequency: 5 GHz
  • Technology: Wi-Fi, USB, Ethernet
  • Speed: 600Mbps, 1300Mbps
  • Wireless Internet: Yes, Wave 2

The new TP-Link Wireless Router offers an intuitive interface and easy-to-use features, such as smart connect which intelligently directs clients onto less crowded bands.

With three streams of data efficient communication available on both 2.4GHz (600Mbps) and 5GHz band( 1300 Mbps), this sleek device is perfect for gamers looking to achieve a lag-free gaming experience without sacrificing speed!

MU-MIMO Gigabit technology allows you to access more devices simultaneously while also providing increased coverage in your home or office space thanks to beamforming tech that delivers strong WiFi signals wherever appliances or walls are in the way!

The beamforming technology ensures efficient connections every time so there are no delays during gaming sessions thanks to the Long Range WiFired feature which makes this product perfect if you want our gadgets to work at their best performance levels always.

The new and improved Archer A9 is the ultimate in parental control, providing peace of mind for any family member. With built-in Guest WiFi access as well!

Not to mention WPA3 standards ensure that you’re always protected from hackers trying their luck at getting through your security measures — no matter where they come from or what kind of device they use.

With Smart Connect, you get to enjoy less congestion and more bandwidth for your online gaming or streaming. Airtime Fairness will optimize the amount of time spent on each channel so that no one user has unfair access over others!

Now you can easily set up and manage your home network from anywhere in the world with this new TP-Link Tether App!

The easy-to-use interface means that no matter what device – computer, tablet, or smartphone you’re using at any given time to access.

Pros Cons
Good Performance No USB 3.0 port
Very reasonable price Can’t compete with the fastest router over small distances.
Easy installation -Tether App will do everything possible
Supports Multi-User – MIMO and Beamforming technologies
Supports Amazon Alexa and IFTTT
Three-year Warranty

2. Rockspace Wireless Signal Booster – Best Plug-in Range Extender

Rockspace Wireless Signal Booster
Rockspace Wireless Signal Booster


  • Size: ‎2.95 x 2.95 x 3.15 inches
  • Special Features: Dual-Band, wifi extender, High-speed mode
  • Weight: ‎6.1 ounces
  • Usage: Indoors & Outside
  • Wireless Technology: 802.11a/b/g/n
  • Data Transfer Rate: 1200 Mbps

Eliminate barriers to your WiFi connection with a single, super-stable router that covers up to 3000 sq. ft., indoors and outdoors!

It’s time for you to take control over what goes into living space beyond the walls – no matter how thick your walls are or what type of flooring you have!

The Zero Lagging Rockspace internet range booster with an Ethernet port will effectively solve all of your WiFi problems. You’ll be able to experience lightning-fast data speeds on all of your devices without any interference. It’s perfect for homes that have smart speakers or security cameras!

USA WiFi Security Protocol – The best way to enjoy high-speed internet is with a suitable band. 2.4GHz or 5Ghz frequencies offer different speeds and quality for your home’s internet needs!

The 300Mbps speed of the lower range makes it perfect if the distance between devices needs to be covered, but don’t worry about slow connections either because they also provide an 897 Mbps solution at higher levels.

This will ensure no matter what device is being used everyone has enough bandwidth without having any one person feeling left out due to their location concerning others within certain rooms inside buildings where they may have been issued multiple iPads (or smartphones).

Gigabit Ethernet Port – By connecting your device to the router with an ethernet cable, you can experience stronger and more stable WiFi speeds without any signal drops.

Enjoy seamless connectivity anywhere in any room of your home! All Wi-Fi extenders are designed not only to increase coverage but also to improve reliability, so you get top-notch performance every time.

The Rockspace WiFi extender is a great option for those who want to extend their wireless internet access around the home. It can work with up to 100% of all current routers on today’s market, meaning you won’t have any compatibility problems when it comes time to get streaming videos or music in every room!

Pros Cons
This design is small and unobtrusive, perfect for any space Just one fast Ethernet Port
Two adjustable antennas No customization options
Quick setup process
Doesn’t overheat

3. NETGEAR WiFi Repeater Mesh EX7300

NETGEAR WiFi Repeater Mesh EX7300
NETGEAR WiFi Repeater Mesh EX7300


  • Range: Up to 2300 sq. ft.
  • Weight: ‎10.6 ounces
  • Transfer Rate: 2200 Mbps
  • Smart Roaming: Yes
  • Wireless Type: ‎802.11ac
  • Voltage: ‎100240 Volts

The extended range of this product covers up to 2300 square feet with 40 devices supported, making it perfect for any home or office.

Make sure you never get disconnected as you move around the home or office with this nifty little device that uses an existing network SSID name.

The wireless networking card provides up to 2200 Mbps of speed performance using dual-band and patented FastLane(TM) technology for demanding HD streaming or online gaming.

The NETGEAR WiFi Mesh Range Extender EX7300 is a great way to extend your wireless coverage. It supports any router, gateway, or cable modem with Wi-Fi and can be used in homes where there’s more than one device that needs internet access!

With the new gigabit port, you can now stream your gaming sessions with ease. Simply plug in game consoles or other wired devices and enjoy a fast connection for all of them!

The wireless security protocols that this router supports are WEP and WPA/WPA2.

Connecting to your router is easy with the WPS button. To get the most out of your router, you need a Nighthawk App.

The NETGEAR Wi-Fi Analyzer is designed specifically with tablets in mind and provides information about the optimal location for connecting as well as troubleshooting tips that can come at a moment’s notice!

Pros Cons
Easy to install Bulky product
Solid throughput in testing No pass-through outlet
Supports for MU-MIMO
Speeds up to 2200 Mbps

4. Linksys RE9000 – Best Wi-Fi Extender Overall

Linksys RE9000
Linksys RE9000


  • Size: 6.71 x 5.35 x 1.78 inch
  • Firmware Upgrade: Auto
  • Routers Support: All Wi-Fi
  • Weight: 12.6 Ounces
  • Data Transfer Rate: 3000 Mbps
  • Connectivity: 4x RJ45 (Ethernet)

The best WiFi booster for those looking to increase their WiFi signal in multiple rooms of the house. With a tri-band frequency, this WiFi range extender can provide high speeds and stable connections even when there are a lot of devices connected to it.

The Tri-Band Range Extender is the perfect solution for any home or office that needs fast internet access. It offers speeds up to AC3000, delivering 3X faster wireless performance than Dual Band WiFi Systems without degradation in signal strength!

The RE9000 also has MU-MIMO technology which allows you to connect multiple devices to the WiFi range extender and still get high speeds.

With Linksys RE9000, you’ll never have to worry about your system being out-of-date or vulnerable. This router is always kept up with the latest software so that it can protect you from potential security risks!

The Linksys router is an excellent choice for quick, easy setup with Push Button Connect and Spot Finder Technology.

Pros Cons
Speed up to 3000 Mbps This device does not use 2.4 GHz as backhaul
Easy setup process This product is a large-size
4 Gigabit Ports
5GHz connection

5. NETGEAR WiFi Extender EX8000 – Best Wireless Range Extender for Large Homes

NETGEAR WiFi Extender EX8000
NETGEAR WiFi Extender EX8000


  • Weight: ‎1.89 pounds
  • Data Transfer Rate: 1733 Mbps
  • Size: ‎8.08 x 10.01 x 5.2 inches
  • USB: 2.0 Ports
  • Wireless Communication Standard: ‎802.11ac

If you’re looking for a WiFi range extender that can cover a large area, then the NETGEAR EX8000 is a perfect choice.

With a range of up to 2,500 square feet, this WiFi range extender is perfect for homes with multiple levels.

The EX8000 also has MU-MIMO technology which allows you to connect multiple devices to the WiFi range extender and still get high speeds.

The best way to keep your data running smoothly at home or in the office is with seamless smart roaming. This feature will use your existing network SSID name, so you never have a problem when moving around!

The Ac3000 Wi-Fi has incredible 3000 Mbps performance using Tri-band and patented fastlane3 (TM) technology – perfect for 4K HD streaming. It’s perfect if gaming or multitasking is on your list of things to do with family members.

If you’re looking for a universal remote that will work with any cable modem, gateway, or wireless router then this is the one. No matter what kind of internet connection your home has, it will ensure you have Wi-Fi.

The 4 Gigabit Ethernet ports on this device allow you to plug in game consoles, streaming players, or any other wired devices with ease. This will ensure that the maximum speed is reached for all your data-hungry gadgets!

With Wireless Enterprise Protection (WEP), your wireless network is protected against cracking and hacking. You can also use Wi-Fi Alliance’s new encryption standard – WPA/WPA2 for added security.

Pros Cons
Great performance Heavy product
Easy to set up 90-days support included
Perfect assortments of ports
When expanding a Wi-Fi network, there is no loss of signal

6. D-Link WiFi Extender DAP-1330 – Best Budget Wi-Fi Extender

D-Link Wifi Extender DAP-1330
D-Link Wifi Extender DAP-1330


  • Weight: ‎3.07 ounces
  • Wireless Communication Standard: 802.11n, 802.11b, 802.11g
  • Data Transfer Rate: 300 Mbps
  • Feature Accessibility: New Interface
  • Connector Type: RJ45

The D-Link WiFi range extender is perfect for those who are looking for an affordable way to extend their WiFi signal.

This WiFi range extender is great for small homes or apartments.

The D-Link WiFi range extender also has an Ethernet port which allows you to connect a wired device to the WiFi range extender.

The D-Link WiFi Extender N300 Range has been specially designed to provide you with a high-quality, reliable internet connection. This extender is capable of up to 300Mbps wireless performance so that your devices can always connect quickly and efficiently!

If you’re looking for a Wi-Fi extender to extend your home network range, look no further than the D-Link Wi-Fi Range Extender. This device is compatible with virtually all devices and routers on the market today making it an excellent choice when considering what type of equipment will work best in each situation!

This device provides hassle-free setup and automatic discovery of new networks to provide optimum performance for all your devices without any need to do anything else on their part.

Pros Cons
Easy installation Not great for the money
300 Megabytes Per Second No warranty
Supports for MU-MIMO

4 Key Factors for Choosing the Best WiFi Booster For Gaming – Buyer’s Guide

gaming room

If you’re an avid gamer, having a reliable and fast internet connection is crucial for enjoying a smooth and uninterrupted gaming experience.

One way to ensure a strong WiFi signal is by investing in a WiFi booster specifically designed for gaming. With so many options available on the market, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one. In this buyer’s guide, we’ll explore four key factors to consider when shopping for the best WiFi boosters for gaming.

Firstly, it’s important to assess the compatibility of the WiFi booster with your gaming setup. Make sure to check if the booster is compatible with your gaming console or PC. Some boosters are optimized for certain devices or gaming platforms, so you want to ensure that you’re getting one that suits your needs.

Secondly, keep in mind the range and coverage provided by the WiFi booster. Depending on the size of your gaming area, you may need a booster with a larger range. Look for boosters with high-gain antennas or multiple antennas for better coverage, especially if you have multiple devices connected to your WiFi network.

Another crucial factor to consider is the speed and bandwidth provided by the WiFi booster. Gaming often requires high internet speeds to have a lag-free experience. Look for boosters that support the latest WiFi standards, such as 802.11ac or higher, as they are designed for faster speeds.

Additionally, consider boosters that offer dual-band functionality, allowing you to allocate different devices to different frequency bands for optimal performance.

Finally, take into account the ease of setup and use.

Look for WiFi boosters with user-friendly interfaces and intuitive setup processes. Some boosters even offer smartphone apps for easy management and monitoring of your network.

Additionally, consider boosters that have built-in security features to protect your gaming setup from potential threats. In conclusion, finding the right WiFi booster for gaming can significantly enhance your gaming experience.

Consider factors such as compatibility, range, coverage, speed, and bandwidth, as well as ease of setup and use when making your decision.

By choosing the best WiFi booster for gaming, you can ensure a strong and reliable internet connection, leading to smoother gameplay and better performance.

FAQs About WiFi Boosters For Gaming

Are WiFi boosters good for gaming?

Yes, WiFi boosters are good for gaming as they can extend the WiFi signal to multiple rooms and also provide a stable connection. However, it is important to note that not all WiFi boosters are created equal and some may not be able to provide the same speeds as others.

It is important to do your research before buying a WiFi booster to make sure it will be able to meet your needs.

What is the best WiFi booster for gaming?

The best WiFi booster for gaming depends on your needs. If you need a WiFi booster that can cover a large area, then the NETGEAR EX8000 is a perfect choice.

However, if you are looking for an affordable WiFi booster, then the D-Link WiFi range extender is a great option. It is important to do your research before buying a WiFi booster to make sure it will be able to meet your needs.

Do WiFi boosters make your WiFi better?

Yes, WiFi boosters can make your WiFi better by extending the WiFi signal to multiple rooms and also providing a stable connection.

However, it is important to note that not all WiFi boosters are created equal and some may not be able to provide the same speeds as others.

Will a WiFi booster help with lag?

Yes, a WiFi booster can help with lag by extending the WiFi signal to multiple rooms and also providing a stable connection.

How can I boost my WiFi upstairs for gaming?

You can boost your WiFi upstairs for gaming by buying a WiFi booster. WiFi boosters extend the WiFi signal to multiple rooms and also provide a stable connection.


In conclusion, when it comes to getting the best WiFi boosters for gaming, there are several factors to consider.

First and foremost, it is important to choose a booster that is specifically designed for gaming to ensure a smooth and uninterrupted gaming experience.

Look for features like high-speed connectivity, low latency, and a strong signal range. Additionally, take into account the size of your gaming area and the number of devices that will be connected.

Some boosters are better suited for larger spaces and can handle multiple devices simultaneously. Others may be sufficient for smaller gaming setups.

Lastly, consider your budget. WiFi boosters for gaming come in a range of prices, so it is important to find one that fits your budget while still providing great performance.

Remember, investing in a high-quality WiFi booster can greatly enhance your gaming experience and eliminate frustrating lag or slow connections.

In conclusion, by considering these factors and doing thorough research, you can find the best WiFi boosters for gaming that meet your specific needs.

Don’t settle for subpar connection speeds or interruptions during your gaming sessions.

Choose a reliable and powerful booster to elevate your gaming experience to new heights.

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